Code of Practice

Please take a few minutes to read our advertising code of practice before agreeing to it. This list is not exhaustive and we reserve the right not to advertise without giving notice or reason.
  • Vacancies must offer a salary and the minimum starting salary must be stated on the advert. Any adverts that are listed as 'competitive' etc will not be advertised.
  • We will not advertise commission based vacancies.
  • Vacancies must comply with National Minimum Wage laws for the country the work will take place in. For more information on UK National Minimum Wage laws please see
  • Work experience placements/internships must meet National Minimum Wage. The only exceptions to this are:
    • If the student is required to do an internship for less than 1 year as part of a UK-based further or higher education course.
    • If the employer is a registered charity.
    • If the student is simply work shadowing, i.e. where no work is performed.
  • Charities may offer voluntary worker positions, but must specify a UK or Scottish Charity number.
  • Vacancies must be open to both male and female students, unless the vacancy is exempt under the Sex Discrimination Act.
  • Adverts that are seen to use discriminatory language will not be advertised. For example, adverts should ask for demonstrable experience rather than a specific duration of experience.
  • Vacancies must not ask for applicants to supply a photograph unless deemed a requirement for the role (i.e. modelling job).
  • Vacancies must not discriminate in any other way unless this reflects a requirement of the job. For more information, see the UK Government website.
  • Part-time/casual work must not exceed 15 hours per week during term time.
  • Employers offering summer internships or summer work must be aware that students start back in September.
  • Graduate opportunities should be of graduate level and the tasks and salary must reflect this.
  • Vacancies must not involve any form of investment by the applicant.
  • Vacancies must not involve any periods of unpaid training.
  • Employers must not demand a commitment to work a minimum period.
  • Employers must not demand the costs of any training they provide to employees who choose to leave the role early.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to advertise a vacancy that we deem to be inappropriate without giving notice or reason.

Recruitment Agencies

  • Please note we do not post advertisements for students to register with an agency.
  • We will advertise for recruitment agencies only when:
    • An employer has commissioned the agency to act on its behalf and the agency states which employer it represents, provides information about, and selects only for the named employer.
    • The employer must be named in the vacancy entry and made available to the student/graduate.
    • Salary information should be provided and should not be commission based/have a commission element.
    • The only web link we will include will be to the employer's own.